Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 / 2002 Editor

This software is a free editor and librarian for the SCI Prophet 2000 and 2002 samplers.

Your help is very welcome. If you find any bugs, please do not hesitate to contact me.
I am going to make some improvements in future release - but please keep in mind this is a hobby project and not a commercial product.
So far I have spend quite a lot of time to get this working. To understand some minor bugs in the original Prophets user manual included.

Further I would like to please you to provide me some details about your setup (e.g. which kind of Prophet you are using, if it is expanded, which MIDI interface and operation system you are using with this software. Furthermore if it is working at all ;-).

And finally: Might the filter be with you!


- Dump all samples, presets and parameters from a Prophet 2000/2002 to a PC
- Dump all samples, presets and parameters from a PC to a Prophet 2000/2002
- Save and load dump files on a PC (Build up your Prophet library on your PC and share it with others)
- Import and export samples as WAV files
- Sample rate conversion when importing WAV files to Prophet supported sample rates
- Edit sustain and release loops with preview on the PC speakers
- Save and load of a single sound (incl. sample)
- Save and load of a single map
- Save and load of a single preset
- Configuration of all parameters
- Graphical display and edit of sample maps
- You could still use your Prophet with a broken disk drive (if you already have got some dump files to transfer…)
- It is free!
- Remember to save your data, as autosave or reminders (not to mention rollback) are not implemented


- a Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 32bit/64bit based PC or Intel MacOS 10.6 or newer
- A SCI Prophet 2000/2002 would be great but not necessary (must have at least ROM v3.0)
- A MIDI interface with input and output connected to the Prophet MIDI ports


Prophet 2012 editor software version 1.4 for PC
Prophet 2012 editor software version 1.4 for MacOS
Prophet 2012 editor software version 1.2 for PC
Prophet 2012 editor software version 1.2 for MacOS
Prophet 2012 User Manual version 1.0

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT any warranty

Version history:


- added Stereo mode
- Preset page: rx <-> tx fixed
- purge crashed on empty sample
- Fixed WAV import for WAV files with different structure
- Bug copy parameters to all not copying vcf envelope 2nd release fixed
- RX handshake mode removed
- fixed wavegen 'DCO interval' tuning


- Fixed WAV import
- WAV import now supports 8-bit, 16-bit and 24-bit files in Stereo and Mono
- Fixed sample rate conversion loudness issue

Sample dump files:


Last update: 31-07-2018